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I was born for challenges and my sedentary lifestyle was came to the point. Almost at 40 years old, I decided to leave my country and let my fellow citizens know an amazing land as far afield from us as fascinating: Antigua.
I was working for a calendar backstage, staying there for more or less than 15 days, when I felt in love with it. My future will be there, in Antigua.
I’ve been working as a professional cameraman for the most important TV network since 15 years. It’s a fascinating job but not as adventurous as a tropical island where you can find always new friends and offer tired of daily routine people, hospitality and great emotions strictly in contact with nature.

What I do

During your holiday, it will be pleasure for me show you the 365 beaches of Antigua and public performances as for example the famous Sailing Week dedicated to the sail fan.

Thanks to its uncontaminated beauty, the smell of flowers mixed with the salty sea, the unexpected gastronomic specialties, the silence of the nature, the expansive welcome of its citizens and the sense of peace and satisfaction you feel the first time you come in, Antigua can capture you by all your 5 senses. I decided to show you this tropical paradise giving you the possibility to stay in my guesthouse in Jolly Harbour. An independent housing estate equipped with every comfort, with pool, green, medical center and security 24/7.
If you want you can rent an apartment well furnished with the island style, with all services you need to have an unforgettable vacation.
It’s difficult to explore this Island by yourself, for this reason I’ll be there to help you in your trip, as a guide or better as a travel buddy, showing you all the beauty and features of Antigua, helping you during the hike and giving you a charge card for the cell phone in case of emergency.

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