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One beach per each day of the year. Antigua is always fashinating and its dreaming corners remain impressed in our memory once you know it.
Using your sense of adventure you can reach the most beautiful beaches.
There are so many, but I suggest you only some of them, giving you the possibility to discover the others.

>Carlisle Bay beach

It is near by the Old Road village, in the South part of the Island. Its features? Cristal water, fine sandy beach and a lot of tropical fishes, perfect place to play snorkeling.

>Crab Hill beach (Turner's)

It's in the Sout-West part of the Island, near the Crab Hill Village. Thanks to its light breeze, it is possibile to get brown pleasantly without be sensitive to the tropical hot. When the sky is particulary clear, you can also get a glimpse of Montserrat Island.

>Darkwood beach

It is only 5 minutes far from Jolly Harbour in the South-East cost of Antigua. This is the most popular place of the Island. You can play snorkeling in the warm and clear water or have relaxing days laying down a typical tropical palm on the white sandy beach brushed by a warmy wind.

>Fort Bay beach

If you like sports and night life, you have to go to Fort Bay Beach, on the North-West coast. All of pubs, bar, clubs, volley and cricket grounds are placed on the golden beach. Fort Bay is also very famous because it is at almost 10 minutes from the St. John wharf, where there are a lot of cruise passengers.

>Half Moon Bay beach

Only 5 minutes car from the Freetown village you can reach the Half Moon beach, ideal for surfing and unforgettable for its half moon shape. Its pinky sand is always brushed by the foaming Atlantic waves.

>Jolly Beach

It is on the West coast of Antigua. More than 1 km of white sand that join up the Carribean Sea. A lot of bar, pubs, clubs, water sports and much more shopping. 

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